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The Designer

Welcome to LiNiTa Creations !

Bold, vibrant pieces that create strong sense of style, confidence and passion!

 Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets, Rings, Brooches, Scarf Pendants, Home Decor and much more. 

My name is Lina Angelov. 

I am the owner and designer at LiNiTa Creations – Designer Fashion Jewelry, Accessories & Home Decor company in Chicago area.

My dream client is stylish, elegant woman who cares about uniqueness and not prestige. She is bold, passionate and daring. She herself sets a style and makes heads turn. She loves vibrant colors and is not afraid to make a statement. She is confident but feminine and sensual and stands out from the crowd.

I create a range of jewelry, but my focus is on bold yet elegant modern design that will help every woman emphasize her natural beauty.

Ladies Fashion is not my only direction. I also like to create men’s jewelry – it’s simpler but not less beautiful and gives every man trendy and masculine look.

I am so lucky to have customers in different countries and I hope that my creations bring joy and positive energy to everybody who owns them!

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